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Sales - It's in your DNA.
Find it, develop it and unleash your potential.

Triton Consulting develops customized sales training programs and provides business development consulting services to companies ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups through large Fortune 500 companies.

With a strategic focus in the Biopharma, Pharma and Life Sciences markets, Triton specializes in assisting suppliers develop sales strategies and tools designed to:

  • Accelerate sales
  • Find customers in difficult market conditions
  • Manage National / Global Customers
  • Enhance Supplier / Vendor Partnerships
  • Expand into new market areas
  • Ensure successful new product launches

By integrating our customized Sales Training Programs into Marketing, Technical Service and Business Development functions, we can maximize organizational effectiveness by efficiently leveraging the resources of the entire company. This allows us to work collaboratively with our clients to help deliver measurable and sustainable improvements in their sales and business development activities.

If your product’s features are so unique that their benefit is readily evident to your customers, then you don’t need a sales force. A website will do it all. However, if you are striving to partner with your clients to leverage your products & services to help them positively transform their business, then we look forward to working with you.

Training Programs:

Triton's provides a broad range of customized sales training programs to address any training need:

  • Selling to Negotiate™
  • Techsalence™ - Sales for the Technical Team
  • Adaptive Questioning™
  • Effective Communication™
  • And more!

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Consulting Services:

Triton offers consulting services in the following areas.

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Business Development
  • Business Process Optimization

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Why Triton?


Triton's programs were developed from the in-depth analysis of over 25,000+ sales calls and client interactions, and leverage over 30 years of direct sales and sales training experience specific to the sale of technology products, services and raw materials.


Our research into selling techniques continues to evolve, thereby providing our clients the freshest perspective on how to sell to buyers in today's markets. 


If you are looking to develop a sales platform for your new sales team, or reinvigorate your experienced teams to get them out of their comfort zone, while providing them new skills to stay on top of their game, then contact us today.

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This is what our clients have to say;

"Triton's approach to improving sales competence is practical, targeted, and incredibly effective. As a sales professional for 25 years who has been exposed to dozens of methodologies, it was refreshing to have a program that was tailored to our needs and gave immediate results.

- Jackie Comp, Sr. Director Sales Strategy and Execution, Symantec

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dan and can say without reservation that he is a consummate professional whose understanding of the challenges facing the bioprocess industry is as comprehensive as anyone whom I have met in my twenty-plus years in this business.”

- Larry West, Principal, Aspen Brook Consulting, Inc.





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