Implementation Coaching

Training should not be a one time event!

The challenge with training is that many companies view them as a “one-time event”, and after investing a lot of time and money on a training session, they fail to make a serious effort in implementing what they just learned.

Just think about any sport that you play. Golf for example. Did you take one lesson and then join the pro tour? Or after your lessons did you go out and hit 5000 golf balls to practice your swing and make it routine? After playing for years did you find you needed more lessons to re-learn the basics to stay at the top of your game?

Well why not do the same for other training as well? As part of our research into selling approaches, we have measured sales training effectiveness. What we found is that implementation coaching is the most significant component of any training, and when done correctly can provide a four-fold increase in the adoption and use of the new skills that were learned.

To learn more about our coaching programs and take advantage of what our clients say is the most valuable part of our training, then please click this link Implementation Coaching, download the program description, or contact us directly.

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-Implementation Coaching

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