Customized Sales Training
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Sales training programs come and go as quickly as the “latest fad”. If your company sells a single product or service, it may be possible for you to adopt one selling model that best meets your needs; however there isn’t a one size fits all.

What works for one product or market segment may not work for another.  We have seen sales managers struggle to implement the latest programs only to find their sales force frustrated and senior management upset over lackluster results.

For over 20 years, the management team at Triton Consulting has been developing novel strategies for managing major accounts and the sale of technical products.  Our customized selling models:

  • Are tailored to your product and market needs
  • Provide the structure needed for your specific business requirements
  • Address the dynamic of changing economic conditions
  • Include “common sense” approaches for:
    • Prospecting
    • Managing Major Accounts
    • Value Creation 
    • Pipeline Management
    • Negotiation

Whether you have an experienced sales team or you are a start-up looking to develop a robust strategy to launch your selling efforts, Triton Consulting can assist.

Selling to Negotiate™

When you are done selling you shouldn't have to negotiate!

Well maybe just a little.


However, by adopting the right approach and mindset, you can ensure that you position yourself so that negotiating the final deal will be the easiest part of the process.


Selling to Negotiate will help you:

  • Accelerate Decision Times
  • Increase Profitability
  • Increase Deal Size
  • Drive Profitable, Susatinable, & Long-Term Growth


Selling to Negotiate™- Maximize your negotiation end-results!


Techsalence™-Sales for the Technical Team
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The selling process for technical products is complicated and requires a team approach.  Triton Consulting has developed a model for:

  • Increasing efficiency during each stage of the Buying Cycle.
  • Defining accountabilities for each member of the team
  • Minimizing rework and confusion due to having multiple touch points to the customer.

Techsalence™- Leverage your internal team to drive business!

Implementation Coaching

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Training should not be a one time event! 


Triton's Implementation Coaching programs provide both individuals and sales teams the personalized attention needed to:


  • Implement new skills
  • Develop new approaches to close individual selling situations.
  • Maximize performance improvement to drive results.
  • Ensure a significant ROI on the investment in training.


Implementation Coaching - Achieve a four-fold increase in the use of new skills!



Training Programs
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Triton's training programs can be run as individual modules or combined to create a multi-day program.  Every session is customized to meet your business needs and support how you bring your products to market.  The program length and curriculum is tailored to meet your specific training requirements based on the skill level of your team. 


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