Selling to NegotiateTM

Maximize negotiation end-results by developing a negotiation

mindset during each stage of the customer's buying cycle!

We all know the effect that discounts and price reductions have on our business, yet it's surprising that most sales teams don't think about negotiating until they reach that discreet stage in the sales process.

In order to be positioned for a successful negotiation, we need to develop a negotiation mindset during each stage of the customer's buying cycle.  We also need tools to be able to assess the relative strength of our negotiation position before beginning the negotiation process.


Selling to Negotiate™ combines the Key Concepts for Successful Sales Negotiations with the Negotiation Strength Estimator™ to provide sales teams the knowledge and tools to maximize their negotiation outcomes.


To learn more about the program please click this link Selling to Negotiate™, download the program description, or contact us directly.

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