Sales- It’s in your DNA.  Find it, develop it, unleash your potential!

Techsalence™ – Sales for the Technical Team

Sales the Technical Team. Scientists, Engineers and Techies who interact with customers

The selling process for technical products is complicated and requires a team approach.  Techsalence™️ has been demonstrated to:

  • Maximize the value of the non-sales team’s interaction with customers
  • Increase efficiency during each stage of the customer’s Buying Cycle
  • Reduce rework 
  • Turn your sales and non-sales team into a business development machine

Capitalize on your technical team’s client interactions by providing them an understanding of the customer’s buying cycle and the role they play during each stage.

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Adaptive Questioning™

A sales person’s compensation is directly proportional to the quality and number of questions they ask

Adaptive Questioning™ focuses on having business conversations vs. product discussions while mastering the skills to ask strategic questions to develop business issues and create value.

Adaptive Questioning™ delivers a process for helping sales teams:

  • Initiate new buying cycles 
  • Create value to sell more profitably and reduce competition
  • Re-engineer customer buying visions to gain a competitive advantage
  • Reduce sales cycle times while improving close rates

Give your sales teams what they need to adapt to the changing environment and develop new approaches for selling in today’s markets.

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Selling to Negotiate™

When you are done selling you shouldn’t have to negotiate!

Well maybe just a little.

However, by adopting the right approach and mindset, you can ensure that you position yourself so that negotiating the final deal will be the easiest part of the sales process.

Selling to Negotiate™ has been demonstrated to:

  • Accelerate Decision Times
  • Increase Profitability
  • Increase Deal Size
  • Drive Profitable, Sustainable, & Long-Term Growth

Learn how to combine your sales and negotiation processes into a seamless approach that delivers results.

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Effective Communication™

Managing Communication to Drive Business and Client Relationships

With reduced face-to-face client interactions, the challenge to effectively communicate is even greater.

Couple that with the many layers of a company who interact with customers, and you enter an environment where developing and maintaining client relationships is daunting.

Effective Communication™ has been demonstrated to:

  • Optimize internal and external communications
  • Improve client relationships
  • Drive business opportunities even during adverse situations
  • Ensure communications are clear, concise and manage the business implications

Ensure that every communication with your customer is positive, and an iterative step toward driving business and developing strong client relationships.

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Implementation Coaching™

Training should not be a one-time event!

We provide individuals, teams and sales managers the resources, support and processes they need to:

  • Implement new skills
  • Develop new approaches to difficult selling situations.
  • Maximize performance improvement to drive results.
  • Ensure a significant ROI on their investment in training.

The customized program can be designed to fit into any team’s busy schedule so that new skills learned are used and incorporated into the team’s daily work.

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Other Customized Training

We pride ourselves on creating and delivering exactly what you need.  Over the past decade, we have developed a number of programs that incorporate new and existing content to meet specific training objectives.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Selling to Buyer’s in the 21st Century™
  • Value Creation and Business Management
  • Executive Level Conversations
  • Exhibition Excellence™
  • Key Account Management

Contact us directly to learn more, and discuss how we can help with any unique training objectives.

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